Infanti Baby Stroller

Brand:                 INFANTI
Model:                 A516H
Made by:             DOREL
MFG date:           Aug 4, 2008
Type:                    Light
Recalls:               None found
Wheel size:        70.8 cm
Min weight:         3 Kilos
Max weight:      18 Kilos
Ages:                    NB - 4 yrs
Fabric:                 Polyester
Restraint:           3 point
Folds:                   Yes


                        STATUS:          No longer avail…

      STROLLER CODE:          INF001


  • The fabric has no rips
  • The frame is sound.
  • The light construction makes it ideal for use in buses and crowded spaces.


  • The stroller is 10 years old and has extensive use.
  • It can only carry 18 kilograms total weight before the wheels brake off the axle

Please note: You will need the stroller code in order to book an appointment and inspect the stroller.