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Reconditioned Strollers

At present we only have the capacity to recondition 3 strollers per week. The process we follow is not complicated.

First, we photograph the manufacturer tag. Then the stroller model and year are checked against Health Canada's Safety and Recalls database. Only safe strollers are brought to the store for display.

Nothing more is done to strollers until such a time as a member decides to take it. Chosen strollers are stripped down, washed, lubricated, and tires and brakes are visually inspected. Also, the stroller manual is found in the internet and printed (for the member).

The stroller is then put together again, and testing continues. Up to 40 kg (depending on manufacturer weight limit) are loaded onto the stroller seat. Brakes, wheels and wheel alignment, curb climbing and descent , and general stroller handling are tested.

Members are informed about the  condition of the stroller and any adjustment, replacement or minor repair done to it.