We will be turning ONE on January 2! Thank you for your prayers, your willingness to help and all your support! This Christmas I will not put up a manger. The manger is here, among us, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


May the newborn Lord bless you in abundance during this Christmas Season.

Space Challenge

The dream is still to have a permanent location in the parish church and to build a boutique to serve all members. Something like the sketch. Meanwhile the program keeps growing. 

Funny Side

A family of geese caught us unprepared this Summer. The program had moved outside, by Jane Street, when one Tuesday, late in the afternoon, the family you see above marched up the driveway . . . Nobody knew how to size the little ones!

Christmas Gifts

All Christmas gifts will be acknowledged and receipted. Whether you choose to mail or drop off your donation, please mark it clearly "Mother-and-Child." The mailing address is:



2100 Jane Street

Downsview, ON M3M 1A1


Thank you for thinking of us.