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The newsletter is send to your email box six times a year. Subscription is free. Mother-and-Child is a parish based initiative from the Capuchin Friars in Toronto to support new and expectant mothers, especially single mothers. The program is being tested at St Philip Neri Parish in Downsview where Statistics Canada reports 1,400 babies are born to unwed women, under 30 years of age, every year. The program is funded entirely by donations.

St Andre Catholic Elementary School Drive and Video

Students produced, filmed and edited the baby clothing drive at St André to document how the Mother-and-Child Program makes gifts available to new and expectant mothers free of charge.  A $2 membership fee entitles moms to shop at the baby clothing program once a week, and to take up to 12 items each time. Membership is month-by-month. No sales. No handouts. No shame. 

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