Toronto CDSB

The TCDSB is part of the fabric of publicly-funded Catholic education in the Province of Ontario. It serves more than 91,000 students in 195 Catholic schools, and represents close to 475,000 Catholic school supporters in the city of Toronto.


A benefactor, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is someone who provides help, or confers a benefit. Especially "a person who makes a gift or bequest."


Mother-and-Child is grateful to all who continue to take an interest in, and help with our outreach to new and expectant mothers.


According to historians, knitting is probably a very ancient occupation. Mother-and-Child in saluting our knitters, recalls Bertram von Minden, from the Dutch School of Painters who, in the fourteenth-century, did not find it unusual to depict the Virgin Mary knitting.  Doesn't every baby deserve a wool knit?